17 Aug 2019
17 Aug 2019
17 Aug 2019
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This is the story of Mr. Peter Nice, from Pretoria. 

Peter, almost 61 years of age suffered a triple bypass, severe depression and finally diagnosed with Bipolar disorder a few years ago, due to his failing health and unplanned circumstances.

 This was after several terrible and stressful circumstances.  He eventually resigned from work, and relocated to live with one of his children.

Coincidence brought him to interact with Isha and slowly and steadily coaching and transformation began to change Peter’s life and story, one week at a time.

Peter was advised to change his mindset, and asked me “How?”.  By instructing him to focus all his mind and energy on doing anything and everything that is creative and to keep working on controlling his mind on anything else besides his problems.

Peter decided to try......  He got himself together and began with just reminding himself to be positive, to let go of things that he could not control and began to focus on things he loves.  His positive mindset began to open a road where Peter began exploring using his creativity in making things.

His health was not good, and was on several medications that where suppressing his otherwise normal behavior.  As he continued consulting and working on his plans and future and lifestyle, the intake of medication also decreased.  Peter began taking control of his life and himself again.  With slowly and calm intervention and allowing the journey of his life and good deeds open the road for a better future.  

One of the secrets of improving mind power is to keep oneself busy, it has taken him 2years to make this incredible improvement in his life, health and environment.

When we met, Peter was still in severe depression.  Isha advised him to think Positive, be positive, draw positive and improve his creativity even further.  He was coached on  looking at the positive in every new and challenging situation he was faced with.  To remember that he should do the best he could but without sacrificing his peace of mind.  

In order to this Peter had to make a choice - let the circumstances destroy him or keep an undisturbed peace of mind with acceptance and moving forward.  Peter, although depressed also suffers from high and low energy levels due to the mental imbalance he suffered leading to bipolar disorder.

He was coached on how to use this imbalance profitably and become creative and busy instead of allowing his mind to wander time and again into life’s hurdles and problems.

By keeping his mind active and busy Peter was able to overcome many of his problems and create opportunities for progressing his life and his health.  Peter began to master the the thought that nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, which is why the empowered believe in today.  Empowerment is a factory that produces positivity from the raw material of daily life.  As he progressed with thriving on his newly found creativity and using his illness as a benefit instead of a disadvantage, he began to to take the steps towards what he may and could be.  The new road was being build with every new idea and effort, full focus on the task and letting life play out in the background.

He had began to set his empowerment in momentum and gather speed just by making a start and re-start with each new day as a blessing.  This health and obstacles began to be converted to an ultimate renewable energy source of a “new and fulfilling” life......yesterdays problems began to become a forgotten history.

Age, health and circumstances lost its power as a barrier as Peter determined to progress set his life in rapid speed to happily adjust the negative into positive in his life.  These knocks in life steered him to gracefully accept the journey as it arrived.  With positive thinking, and improved self confidence from family, new friends and myself, Peter’s life, health and circumstances changed.  

Today Mr. Peter Nice is living independently in an old age home, has wonderful company and friends who love him and his wonderful heart full creations & handy work.  His health, has improved tremendously and is on less medication than 2years ago.  

He has managed to go on a few holidays to the Cape with friends, spends quality time engaging with his supportive family and delightful grandchildren.  Mr. Nice has breathed life and happiness back into his soul.  He has come out a success and has overcome some devastating life changes, loosing his job, family members, health, home and emotional balance.  

Today, with a positive mindset, warm heart and powerful glow, Mr Nice is enjoying his life and his past times, sustaining himself with his talent and enjoying the love of friends and family who all love Mr Peter Nice.

We, Isha and Pasen Patwal Healing, wish you many more years of great health and a prosperous future Mr Nice!  You are a superhero to those who know your story.


Working our way through meditation helps us realize the untouched potential that exists within us.  It helps us explore several avenues, known and unknown.

During your journey several experiences and universal interventions come through our lives.  Harnessing the correct energy for the correct activities in our lives slowly becomes a  conscious choice as we proceed to practice yoga and meditation.

As we age, we loose some of this with the deterioration of our bodies and so the pattern of life goes full circle.  With the current demands of the lifestyle we live, it is a juggling act getting things together, productively and concluding a full days work & play with great moments and happiness.

.........As far as possible, once we have focused daily intentions, we are able to control the energy required to handle our interactions.

Mastering yourself is quite a task, especially those individuals who want to grow, improve and emancipate themselves.

Cosmetically, surgically, physically, and so on, human beings are searching for longetivity and fulfillment.  Within ourselves we have energy.... it is our choice whether to use it purposefully or not.  

The Asians, masters in their own right with karate, yoga, meditation, martial arts, classical dancing - have brought these powerful and useful mechanisms to the western world.  

When to act, when to react, when to withdraw and when to be tolerant.  These are ancient laws and helpful for us today to try to apply some of these techniques and use them to benefit our health and mind in our current lifestyles.

All of these arts help a person learn correct breathing, release on withdrawal of internal energy and purposefully using creativity to achieve a goal.  Be it simple or complicated.

Once focus is mastered, we automatically have an awakened sense of emotional intelligence and awareness.  This propels more constructive responses to the challenges of our daily lives.

Awakening and charging our positive self introduces too many benefits to mention.  It assists in balancing the good and bad in our lives and finding our blessings in chaos.

If we are able to purposefully utilize our energy the circle of positive energy comes into our lives aswell.  It guides our greater purpose, longetitvity and the betterment of humankind.




There are millions of saints and sinners prophecizing the how  and when and now.  We reach out and find some missing puzzle pieces, stick them together, loose track, unwind and then find  again and so life moves on, unpredictably uncertain.

And this is the fundamental truth that searching within your known capacity will attract known answers, then the universe will also provide the strangest route and road, that unsafe space of “not knowing”.

It is in this circle of “not knowing” that our peace is disturbed and our deep emotional mindset is confused. 


Confidence in ourselves, loving and knowing yourself, keeping a clean day and a clean as possible book of karma before we lay down to sleep.  Finding the peaceful and happiest moments of our day and releasing the toxic moments away from ourselves is quite a task and requires practice and preserverance and time.

Introspection and challenging or negative emotional patterns equips us with redefining our roles in life, be it the work environment or home or social life.  It is important for us as individuals to identify our strengths, weaknesses and lessons in life to grow and progress as people and human beings.

We should always also remember that a much as we “plan for the future” our future is already planned..... 

Once we find peace in this understanding and knowing that only the PRESENT is within our control, can we make peace with the past and welcome the future be it what it may....

After this understanding, grounding our peace within ourselves by creating to the best of our ability plans to secure a future we “would” like there should be less room for worry, anxiety and circular thought-emotion patterns that affect our health and happiness.

The true essence of living is in this moment that we own, first.

With regular practice and release and coping mechanisms to deal with past and even future negativity, we need to solve and learn through our individual capacity.  We also need to accept what we ourselves cannot change.  This is the work for another if we have tried and failed.

Create and recreate yourself, plan but also go with the flow of life. Meditation and positivity on its own are powerful tools to harness our innate raw energy systems that lay dormant until we, the individual aligns our entire selves.

Reconstructing our thoughts into positive results creates a new life force within our own mental framework, re-developing our passion and drive to stay focused, positive and at peace in this sometimes unforgiving world.

Homeostasis - the universe is one.....



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